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Historical photograph of the future author.


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What I do


T hrough books, exhibitions and this website I present old pictures and the fates of central European photographers who have passed into oblivion.

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What I offer


H istorical images from the Collection Scheufler (professionally digitalized since 2008), consultancy, inspiration and relaxation at my photo courses.

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Among the specialities I offer on this website is historical stereographs presented both as pairs of images and 3D anaglyphs, downloadable texts of historical books about photography as well as texts of my own works, audio files of my short stories, and much more :).

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News / Notes

  • 25.07.2010

    Goodbye to the old web

    After five years of operation, this website will be replaced with a new extended version after seven months of preparations. Like before, the website construction and operation is financed by the author.


  • 22.07.2010

    Lecture by Dr Stulik on 200 years of photography through the eyes of science

    Professor Dusan Stulik Ph.D. of the Getty Conservation Institute in Los Angeles delivered a lecture entitled "200 Years of Photography Through The Eyes Of Science" at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague. The huge lecture hall AI was almost full.


  • 11.06.2010

    Earliest Czech portrait photography

    Presented at a news conference at the state chateau Velké Březno was a daguerreotype portrait of count Karel Chotek and his family. It can be concluded from diary notes that the images was taken in the autumn of 1839 in Munich, probably on 4 November. The recently found images is therefore the earliest portrait photograph deposited in Czech collections.


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