Photography courses



The photography courses by Pavel and Lenka Scheufler take the following form:

  • three-semester digital photography courses coming as part of the Photo School at Centrum FotoŠkoda
  • one-day thematic courses and training at Centrum FotoŠkoda
  • workshops within the Photo School
  • courses and training tailor-made to your individual needs
  • structured fifteen-week series Conversations with Photographers, with outstanding photographers as guests
  • relaxing workshops for more demanding clients with specific content and the idea of relaxing through photographing
  • courses and one-to-one lessons on basic photo editing techniques using various image editing software
  • securing of workshops and courses on the Zoner image editing software
One-to-one lessons in Czech or English

The specifics of the Photo School at Centrum FotoŠkoda:

  • The digital photography courses by Pavel Scheufler are based, among other things, on the idea of looking to the past for inspiration. No other courses offer such a close connection between photographic technology and the tutor - a photographer and historian of photography in one, backed by experts at the biggest photographic supplies store in central Europe....
  • Homework assignments form an integral part of the Photo School at Centrum FotoŠkoda. Homework is then discussed during lectures, which encourages mutual competitiveness, eliminates technical and composition mistakes, and helps students fully understand the course material.